How a Hacker Can Completely Destroy Your Life

Learn How a Hacker Can Completely Destroy Your Life. #cyberhacker #teamtonycapo

Cyber Hacker

8/14/20220 min read

The business of cyber warfare can often be ruthless, cold-hearted, and in most cases, relentless. Hackers are always looking for opportunities to exploit someone or something. It’s a necessary evil. Without the Black Hats, White Hats would have nothing to do.

Here are a few ways that hackers can destroy someone in just a few clicks.Personal Reputation is everything. Without it, there is not much a person can look forward to without being viewed as whatever it is they did, or allegedly did.

Business Reputation can mean revenue or bankruptcy for a lot of businesses.Sometimes businesses have the advantage, and sometimes Google and the dozens of other search engines can destroy you instantly, before a potential client decides on spending.Prison. The beauty of the penal system is that it holds many responsible for their actions, even before they commit crimes. Imagine waking up to having an extraditable felony warrant, in another country? It happens.

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