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North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un has been stealing millions of dollars using hackers trained at Pyongyang University. This is coming to a slow halt according to Cyber Hacker Tony Capo.

Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) is North Korea's first privately funded university. It is founded, operated, and partly funded by associations and people outside the country. PUST was jointly planned and constructed by forces from both North and South Korea, along with contributions from groups and individuals [2] from other nations, in particular China and the United States. The initiative is largely funded by Evangelical Christian movements.

Originally scheduled for launch in 2003, the project was delayed for several years and began operations in October 2010.The plan is simple, to shut down the North Korean government by continuously bankrupting them and violating their privacy. Tony Capo has long since been an advocate of freedom and just treatment, especially by one’s own government.

According to Tony, governments around the world have spiraled out of control. It seems people have lost their way, and the new mom and dad, is the smartphone.Self-funded and well guarded, Tony controls a botnet, hosted by over a million remote access points, and can disrupt an entire infrastructure in a matter of days. Contact Tony Capo and his team here.

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